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Les mathématiques (k)

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La maternelle




This is a picture of my calendar. I do the standard things like the date with numbers in a pattern, singing the days and the months, counting how many days we've been at school, counting from 0 to 10 and from 10 to 0. One thing I changed this year was putting number and circle magnets up and students hit the french dice on the SMARTboard to hear a number. They then move that many circle magnets up to the numbers.




These are two different versions of graphs for dice games.  Students will colour in the squares as they roll numbers on their dice. Great number recognition activity! 

Math Graph.pdf

dice game.pdf


My colleagues and I created this booklet as part of a unit that integrated measurement and phys. ed. Students will measure, compare and predict using a variety of phys. ed. equipment.

measurement booklet.pdf


These are some really cute number posters I found! 

Number Poster1a9pdf.pdf


This is one of our activities that we do on 100s day. Students draw themselves as they think will look when they are 100 years old. So cute! 

quand jaurais 100 ans class book.pdf


This file is a blackline master of a tangram. 




The first of these two files is a blackline master of a ten-frame and a five-frame. The second file is a blackline master of dot cards that can be used for many different activities or centres. I highly recommend the book Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics by John Van De Walle from which this blackline masters were taken. Lots of really easy practical ides for teaching number in K.





These are another easy and useful centre idea. I copy these onto cardstock and laminate them to use as a centre. 





Apple graph.pdf

kindergarten generic graph.pdf



When I taught kindergarten we made a graph every month.  This task involved sorting and counting.  We used a generic

graph so that is was the same very time but graphed fun stuff like seasonal halloween confetti bits in October

and Lucky charms cereal in March.  This is the genric graph I use.  The full size one was for kindergarten,

in grade one I use half a legal sized sheet so that it can be glued into their math journal.





Once finished we asked each other questions like, what do you have the most of, the least?  Do you have more than the same as or less 

____________ than your neighbour?  Who has the most ______________?  

How many items did you tally in all (grade 1)?




We did gummy bear graphing during the K bear unit, yum!

Graphing Gummy Bears.pdf









Hundred Chart.pdf

This file is about 15 pages long because of course, you just have to have lots of colours to choose from. My deal with colour choice (as an artsy lady I guess that's why I bother) for students is, I will pass materials out, if you can make a deal or trade with someons (find a win-win), go nuts.  There is always some frantic deal making, I often set a quick time limit.  This takes the hassle out of my hands and injects a some problem solving and haggling skills into grade one (ha!). 





I print a class set on card stock and laminate them.  Each student has a chart and a flat glass bead.

As we count during calendar time students slide their glass bead along.

Use later for skip counting and counting on.  The back can be used as a response board with a

dry erase marker or whole group problem solving during calendar time.




Kindergarten Math Journals.pdf  


Ten and Five Frames.pdf






Math Games


Math Games Grade 1.pdf


NOTE:  I think there are some corrections to make on some of them (le français) I will be sure to make those changes!


Number word strips.pdf



The Dollar Game.pdf

The Dollar Game Mat.pdf




Representing Numbers 11-20 Grade 1.pdf


This is one of those cases where I insist that the stamping or sticker representation be orderly,

subitizeable if that's a word.  Notice that her stars are in 2 groups of 5 with a single on it's own.  

Her 12 is 2 groups of 6, sorta, kinda, almost.


One of our big questions every time is, why is there no ladybug on the 11 page?

Is 11 a double?  Why  not?  Can we share it equally?  Let's try.






Most of these games are taken from our provincial math recource, Chenalière, Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks, and NCTM'S Teaching Children Mathematics.  Although most student's can't read the card of instructions I put my little bags together this way to make it easier for me to remember what we did from year to year, to make them easy to share, and to make them easy to use at a moments notice (parent volunteer, resource assistant, substitute).  The games are small, simple, fun.


I am working on Unit 3 with my students right now, our focus is addition and subtraction to 12.  As we progress I will add more math games.





To avoid photocopying I use blank, stapled booklets or white boards for math games.  We use our notebooks for problem solving.



Our math journals are shown below.  I have a lot of difficulty organising and keeping track of student work.  I'm

terrified to send things home because I often make notes right on a student's sheet or gameboard like;

completed with support, uses mental math, needs specific strategy for counting a set.  I also like

to be able to refer to their work at report card time and during student-led conferences.  Teaching grade 1s to put a sheet

into a duotang is almost more than I can bear . . . 

We glue stuff into our journals!





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Hey Jackie, do remember where you got the "aujourd'hui c'est" poster? A wiki member had asked me. :)

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this stuff is amazing! thank you so much from a first time grade 1 immersion teacher!

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Un gros merci! Tu es vraiment généreuse dans ton partage!

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