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Septembre - Les couleurs (les sciences 1)

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Les couleurs


Colour unit clear target assessment.pdf

Clear Target Parent Letter.pdf


Here is the clear target assessment sheet for this unit.  I have not yet compiled then for every unit but that is my goal.

I have also included a copy of the parent letter I send home explaining clear targets to parents.


ice cream colour rainbow cone.pdf

Used in kindergarten.  Triangles and circles are the best first cutting shapes for the fine motor development of young students.






Les couleurs petit livre.pdf

Natural and Manufactured Colour book.pdf

(more print version)

Simple manufactured or natural book.pdf

(less print version)

Leaf Colour Book.pdf

Colour texture book.pdf

Colour Wheel Poster.pdf

Colour Class Book.pdf



I have my students paint right away in September because I plan to have them paint often during the science colour unit.

I bought 12 paint pallets at the dollar store in September.  It is now February and we are still

using the same ones.  I find they are tidy and easy to store and clean up.

Sure, you can have students colour but I try to use as many different media as we can! 





One of the learning outcomes for this unit is to identify both manufactured and natural elements.

In this book students collaged the natural items with tissue paper and coloured the manufactured items.

The manufactured items are taken from the September visual dictionary and vocabulary words

we are working on so the students see those words once again here.




This book reinforces the handwriting without tears lower case printing "system" as it describes

letters as "les coccinelles", "les girafes", et "les singes".




This is a really fun book to make and read to our kindergarten learning buddies.

For some of the other pages and colours we went into the playground and picked up bark

mulch and rubber crumb.  By making a lot of books in September students have books they can

read, read to a friend, and read to their parents.








Art links so well this first science unit and I especially love this unit for that reason.

I bought large cardboard stencils at Michael's.  We traced them all over the page, I set a limit of 5 repetitions per page.  

They had to have some hanging off the page and have them facing more than one direction.  

We then traced over them with black marker.  We discussed how you make the shapes overlap to put some in the

foreground and some in the back ground.  Next each student choose 2 primary colours with which to paint their shapes.  

Once finished they mixed those 2 colours to paint the background.  By atping off and edge around

the painting beforehand with green painter's tape the final results had a crisp "mat" around them.


The paintings are taped to easel boards I had made for about $1.00 each at home depot.

The directions for making them can be found here:



(scroll down to the end for art board info on this link)


 I have found that they

make painting a much easier task, less mess and we lean them all up against the 

wall in the hall to dry as I don't have a drying rack in my room.

I label the boards at the beginning of the year with student names on masking tape

and keep them that way all year.





Supplemental sheets to coincide with the Edmonton Public Creating Colour Unit.

I found these made the experiments go a little more smoothly.  Students had very specific observations

they were expected to record.


Science experiment sheets creating colour.pdf







Great literature link for this unit is the following story.




This is a link to a youtube version in English.


Mouse Paint finish me book to paint.pdf

We retold the story using our own mouse paint books and painting the mice, then mixed the paint and painted again.


Also a great read aloud for early on in the year:










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at 2:37 pm on Nov 4, 2012

Terri Bjorgan said

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Merci d'avoir partagé ce beau travail. On cherche toujours quelque chose de nouveau à ajouter à nos thèmes.....c'est beaucoup apprécié.

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