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Octobre - L'halloween (1)

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octobre - Les formes et l'Halloween


I usually refer to this unit or these materials under the heading "night creatures" and use them in October (some schools, communities may choose not to celebrate Halloween).  This unit coincides with  math topics around 2D shapes and vocabulary for grades K-2 French Immersion.


We make a lot of mini books in K and grade 1.  They don't encourage creativity BUT we are trying to fill our read-to-self boxes for Daily Five with some books we CAN read.  Students take them home to read.  They are successful early on in French Immersion with words they know.




Fall word strips of the unit


















Fall visual dictionary of the unit for journal writing, Daily Five














Song, video and spider puppet




































Illustrate the song "L'araignée Gypsie"














Thanksgiving card, circles and triangles are great for beginning cutting skills in K
































Here are links to 2D Word strips and visual dictionaries, 3D object word strips and visual dictionaires.


Halloween Shapes Collaborative book identifying how many shapes.  Several pages, students chose 1 and we bind them together as a book to read during Read to Self (K).


















Halloween shapes mini book - same halloween images with shapes are used as above, students add the number word (K)
















Accordion book of shapes and Halloween items (print back to back 11x17, accordion fold, grade 1)






































Le feu follet - Carving a pumpkin booklet, reviews the parts of a face, students complete the sentence.  Show this example, have students draw and build their own book.

















Number booklet lift the flap.  Student arrange the numbers in their book out of order so that they know the number word and amount and aren't just reciting words.





















Flaps for each page of booklet, students choose a number and draw that amount of whatever item they choose, write the sentence.














Students begin to become aware of the plural form of words, a great mini lesson topic for Daily Five Work on Writing.












1-30 book - Complete, cut apart, put in order.


This may seem like busy work but if students colour all of the pumpkins orange and count using the booklet they are practising counting by twos - something I assess for first term.












My Body Mini book.pdf 

We make this book early in the year in October because it is all about our body and our bones, later during halloween we will talk about skeletons, this is a good introduction.  We touch our head, can you feel your skull, can you feel your ribs, can you see the bones of your hand when you spread out your fingers and so on.





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Judi Poole said

at 7:30 pm on Oct 11, 2011

Well, Mme Belle feuilles, I will soon be using this with my Gr. 1 kids! Un grand merci!

ptitejulie said

at 2:27 pm on Sep 25, 2012

Superbe le livre Halloween avec les formes! Merci de France!

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