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SMARTboard activities

Page history last edited by Jackie Astrom 12 years, 1 month ago

SMARTboard activities


I have had a SMARTboard in my room for about a year now so I'm still figuring out what I can do with it to meet my students' needs and what it can look like in the Kindergarten classroom. I have used it primarily for attendance/name recognition activities, morning message and centre time activities. I have also found ways to incorporate the SMARTboard into the calendar routine and Handwriting without Tears lessons. Here are five SMARTboard attendance examples that I have used in my classroom.


am balloon attendance.notebook


am Christmas tree attendance.notebook


am Halloween attendance.notebook


am pm dinosaur attendance.notebook


am Snowman attendance.notebook


I attended a session on using SMARTboards in the early elementary classroom this year and although I had already done a few workshops, I was amazed at all of the things that already exist in the gallery and are ready to be customized to a theme. When I create SMARTboard activities ties to our monthly theme, I try to incorporate as many learning outcomes as I can as I know the SMARTboard is incredibly engaging for the students.



The winter activities include a page to create a winter scene, a hot and cold sorting page, a dress the boy for winter page, a measure the snowman page and a counting the set activity. 

winter pages.notebook



This themed page covers measuring, counting, patterns, matching and sorting.

community helper pages.notebook



The Christmas activities include a page with a memory game (search for "pairs" in the gallery) with Christmas pictures, a sorting activity (search for "vortex" in the gallery), a page where students can decorate the Christmas tree and a counting page where students move the correct set of objects to the number.

christmas pages.notebook


I just completed the pages for the bear theme and they include activities for counting, patterning, vocabulary, a memory game and sorting.


bear pages.notebook



Having moved to Grade One this year, I am finding many different ways to incorporate the SMARTboard into my lessons. Below are a few of the things I have created this year to complement my teaching.


I took on the task of creating SMARTboard activity for each French sound blend as we are about to start focusing on these blends after Christmas. Here they are all completed!


an pages.notebook

ou pages.notebook

on pages.notebook

oi pages.notebook

ai pages.notebook

ch pages.notebook

in:ain pages.notebook

eu pages.notebook

eur pages.notebook

au:eau pages.notebook


I created this file to use as a sorting centre when doing our Colour unit in Science.


transparent & opaque.notebook


The first set of pages are Halloween themed and they focus on sound blends. I attempted to differentiate the activity by covering the answer. More able students can write in the answer and less able can move the rectangle to uncover the answer. The Christmas and winter pages emphasize theme vocabulary and letter sounds.


mots de l halloween.notebook


Noel grade 1.notebook




We spent the month of November working on a food unit and we incorporated a study of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The food pages emphasize sorting and beginning reading and borrows from some files I found on SMART exchange. The file for The Very Hungry Caterpillar uses the Image Match and Anagram activities to help students with word recognition/beginning reading.


la nourriture.notebook


la chenille.notebook



We are about to start a unit on The Mitten by Jan Brett in January and I have created this Notebook file to use as a centre after reading the book. The activity covers sorting, story sequencing and problem solving.


mitten animals.notebook



We are also about to start the Science unit, The Needs of Plants and Animals. January is going to be a busy month! I created this SMARTboard activity to use as a centre.



Besoin des plantes et animaux.notebook



To further work on our addition skills, I created this activity for the SMARTboard so the teacher or students could fill up the jar and students could make their guesses. You could always switch up what they can put inside the jar to change up the activity!


estimation jar.notebook




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