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Des sites web

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Here are a few websites that we have used in our classrooms. They are in French for the most part and cover a range of curriculum areas.


Des sites web.pdf








I have subscribed to this newsletter for a long time.  I mostly use the French resources put out by Paola Wilson.  She sends many free, seasonal books and ideas, love it!






I love having a bank of good websites but the difficulty comes in how to make them easily accessible to very young students.  I have a bank of 6 computers in an open area outside my classroom.  I also have 2 laptops, a computer, and an ipad in my classroom.  Every morning I log every computer onto Tumblebooks for Listening to reading for the Daily Five (online books read aloud, text highlighted, animated somewhat).


Then I open at least one other window and google a math site.  Because it's tough to have those intricate www. sites on hand I know of a few I can google at a moments notice.  It is even easy for the students to submit a google search rather than type a specific address.  During math we often do a mini lesson, a game or independent practice session and then there is always a small group that needs some re-teaching.  I send some to the computers and work with the rest, either enrichment or remediation depending on the concept. Works well.


Here are a few google search examples for sites I use weekly:




poisson rouge


ixl (math games)


splat square




I have just discovered the Yoopa channel (#907 on Shaw in the Airdrie area). It is essentially a French version of Treehouse out of Quebec. I went in search of their website today and it is full of videos! Videos that are fun, age-appropriate and all in French. There are games too and some even feature characters that would be familiar to our students. So in love!!






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