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Septembre - Les pommes (1)

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Chuchoti chuchota

Par Charivari dans Cycle II Autres le 2 Octobre 2010 à 16:52


J'ai beaucoup d'élèves qui ne savent pas chuchoter. La plupart pensent que chuchoter c'est parler bas, pas fort. Mais ils font quand même entendre le timbre de leur voix. Alors je leur ai appris une comptine (trouvée sur internet mais allongée par mes soins pour créer 3 strophes que l'on dit à voix normale, puis à mi-voix, puis en chuchotant).


C'est plutôt pour des maternelles, mais si on a la malchance d'enseigner en élémentaire avec des loulous qui ont oublié comment chuchoter, on a quand même le droit de faire une piqûre de rappel !


Chuchoti chuchota pour apprendre à chuchoter




Dans mon sac-à-dos printable

If you trim construction paper to 8.5x11 it usually won't jam the photocopier!


September vocabulary review, what's in your backpack?  Many classrooms have the "Lire-tôt" and "Mille-feuilles" reader series, I included two titles below that complement this vocabulary review.  Students illustrate and label what's in their backpack using some pre-printed labels.  They also made their own labels and added goofy items to their packs!


The last title is "Juno" from Mille-feuilles. 


septembre - Les pommes



Brown Bag Activity PDF.pdf

Classroom Visual Dictionary.pdf

Apple Alphabet.pdf



All four of the grade 1 French Classes begin with a short unit about apples.

We also all introduce (or review) the vocabulary of the classroom.




parts of an apple labeling.pdf


This our first introduction to a simple project template I have seen called "Bits and Pieces".  The idea is that young children

can create a project by simply labeling what they know.  They can label an animal, a toy, a picture they have drawn.

It begins very simply with labels and later progresses to a more involved project with simple sentences or short paragraphs.


We will revisit the "Bits and Pieces" type of project in our five senses unit later on in the school year.

This one we create together.  I haven't drawn the lines on this sample I see!

Even just using a ruler to trace striaght lines to the proper item 

took a lot of coaching and modeling!




Apple name craft and apple seed numbers.pdf

This file also contains a little apple seed math numbers sheet.


Very early in the school year we make these apples with our names on them.  The letters are sprnkiled flax seeds.

This follows the little labeling apples project so that students know and can use the vocabulary of the parts of an apple.




Les pommes 10 frame book.pdf

generic graph.pdf

This is a number sense book using the 10 frame and apples.





This art project fits well with exploring light and dark in our colour unit as well.  We discuss shadows and

where they fall, which direction is the light coming from, where will the shadow fall.

With all of my art projects I demonstrate step by step on an easle at the carpet before giving students the supplies.

Then we go through the process step by step.  Many of the projects are very presscribed but because I am teaching a

technique that students can explore later.  By teaching a technique the final results are almost always appealing,

 whether a student thinks of themsleves as an artist or not.


This project is done on brown construction paper with pastels and then matted onto red, green or yellow

construction paper depending on the apple the student choose to draw.




recette pour compote de pommes.pdf


The students made applesauce.  I did have a few parent volunteers this day.  We used all of our senses as we prepared our sauce.  My recipe isn't perfect, I think there was too much cinnamon but each group got a copy of the recipe, we went over the measuring cups and spoons, identified the ingredients and then I let them make their own sauce and added each to one common crock pot.  Each group had to make sure everyone got a turn to measure, add, mix.






Comments (2)

L Karpinsky said

at 2:22 pm on Jul 20, 2012

These are wonderful resources. Merci
Would anyone have any ideas for a cute back to school bullentin board saying in french for outside my classroom. They have so many in english, but not in french. ie: chicka chicka boom boom look who's in my classroom.

sohebert@... said

at 11:14 pm on Jul 21, 2012

I would love to find a good French saying for back to school!

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