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Février - Le jour de la marmotte et le St Valentin

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Guided reading during Les cinq au quotidien is in full swing by March, we are busy learning sound blends beginning in January.
It's fun to have some shared reading pieces where we all learn, sing or read a favourite poem or rhyme.
Put it to a tune and grade 1s will remember and sing them all the way home.
I sing this one to the tune of Sing a Song of Six Pence, you can make up your own tune or rap it.
In our neighbourhood Balzac Billy is very close by and is celebrated on the news and with a local pancake breakfast.
In the past I have met students at the breakfast before school!  I found by Feb. this was a bit young for 
my grade 1s but it was something they could share, read and play with with their
kindergarten learning buddies.




Sport de l'hiver chanson.pdf





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