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mars - les pingouins

Page history last edited by Jackie Astrom 12 years, 1 month ago

Les Pingouins


We have embarked on a study of adorable, wonderful little penguins and they have taken over the classroom! We are watching videos, reading books, writing about them, making them, measuring them and with them. Oh so much fun!


Some great videos to start an exploration of penguins are listed below:



Here's a great book to read with your students while studying penguins, Un Pingouin Rose by Lynne Richards:



I created vocabulary cards to accompany our unit to really highlight penguin anatomy and adaptations.


vocab de pingouin.pdf


One of our first penguin activities was to create a penguin on chart paper in a team of two. I prepped my kids by letting them know that this wasn't really about drawing penguins but much more synergy and problem solving and team work. I was amazed by what these little people were able to create! After creating their penguins, we estimated about cubes long our penguins were and then measured them. Here are some pictures of a finished product being measured and two groups working on their chef d'oeuvre!



Here is the sheet I had students complete about their enormous penguins.


mesurer les pingouins.pdf


I created a sheet to use during Daily 5 to have students work on sound blends.


pingouins et les sons.pdf


We were going to be working on a measurement unit anyways, so why not make some super cute penguins that the students could use as their non-standard unit!


pingouins pour mesurer.pdf


Since learning about penguins ties in so nicely with our Science unit of the Needs of Plants and Animals, I made a booklet for students for the end of the unit to show what they know. I gave my students the option of completing either 3 or 6 pages and not one chose 3. I think thye liked learning about penguins! I then took iPods and had them record themselves reading their book while showing their illustrations.


Les pingouins ont besoin.pdf


I saw a cool idea for a chart on Pinterest and I made my own version. The chart said "penguins have, can and are" with columns for each. I made a translated SMARTboard version and we will be filling it during our study.


les pingouins ont sont peuvent.notebook

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Voice un link pour "Pablo, le pingouin qui n'aimait pas le froid'


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