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Monthly Math Journals Kindergarten and Grade 1

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All of the math journal printables here


Math journals can be used to end a unit.  When they are related to the season or topic of study students enjoy a 'craft' with another curriculum based purpose.  Students begin by making a cover once they have learned about ABA, ABBA, and ABC patterns in September.  Once the journal is complete and in a portfolio or bound students have a book to read and take home at the end of the year.


This idea originated on a site called Kinder by Kim.





Coloured strips of construction paper were pre-cut, students cut them into squares. 


Cover of the Journals (patterning in September)







As I demonstrated the addition problem for the September math journal I sang the song,

Five Green Apples

(click to hear the english version) but changed the words:


Le fermier a six (or whatever number you choose) pommes rouges

sur son pommier.

Le fermier a six pommes rouges sur son pommier.

Quatre pommes rouges

sont tombées.


En tout?


Dix pommes rouges pour notre fermier!







I found a great book to accompany the October journal.  The book is shown below.

The centre spread is very similar to our journal page.  We had fun estimating how many spiders there might

be on the page where spiders infest the house, they are everywhere!

I left the book open at the reading centre for students to count and add

their answer to the number jar.

The story mentions adopting a spider so be prepared for questions about what that means.





I use punches a lot (to make the spiders).  I find them either at Michael's or in the Martha Stewart section at Walmart

(where I found this spider one).  They are about $15. each.




(we do a food unit and begin a Science Five Senses unit with taste)



You have to teach your kids the song "Je suis un pizza" by Charlotte Diamond for this one.

Here is a link to a video and singing of the song on youtube.  If your school internet is protected by Barracuda

the link won't work but you can go to youtube and search the title of the song

 "Je suis un pizza".  I used a circle punch for the pepperoni and students who wanted

tomatoes punched holes with a hole punch into the red circles.

I use punched shapes for all kinds of projects so I always have trays of them ready

in the classroom (thank you parent volunteers!).






Read Le malicieux pain d'épice by Jan Brett.

This link is in English but I use my projetor so that all of the children can see the illustrations

and then read the French version.  I would like to post my own lectures des livres en français

 on youtube eventually!








March K math Journal


In grade 1 students cut out 3 sizes of coins, yellow for $1.00, brown for .01 and silver for .10 or .05, they could decide.  They added whatever amount they wanted but had to count them up themselves.   We had some practice with the dollar game so most students could do this, some with support.





In kindergarten, students represent 10.  In grade 1 students represent a double fact (both options are in the printable).  





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