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Mon monde en changement - unité 4

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Mon monde en changement (1ière année)


unité 4 les études sociales

themes:  changes over time, my family, my history, my community, traditions and celebrations, connections to the past



Clear Target:  I can describe how my family and community might have been different in the past than they are today.


Timeline assessment (printable)
Personal TImeline
 (printable for 11x17) for Changes in My World social studies introduction.  This was presented as a take home project, in the future students could bring in photos and complete the timeline at school, French content would be richer this way.  Original can be found at "Really Good Stuff".  


I did a bit of a search and found the expression 'Ma frise chronologique', what do you think?


In this example students chose photos of themselves at certain ages for the boxes above.  Most wrote how old they were in French, they might also be able to add what new skill they learned at that age (how to walk, talk).   They added photos of what they liked or liked to play with below.  The images of the toys below were most significant to the students.  They liked to laugh at the babyish or childish things they once liked now that they were so mature at 6!


For a longer timeline print both pages and glue them together.




Clear Target:  I can describe how the languages, traditions, celebrations and stories of my family, groups and communities contribute to my sense of identity and belonging.


Clear Target:I acknowledge and respect symbols of heritage and traditions in the families of my peers and in my community.


1)  Before the Christmas holidays send home a note describing the project (see the link below).  Having an example posted to your teacher page is helpful to parents.
2)  Send each student home with a rolled up strip of construction paper (we used red, green and white).

3)  Students identify each family members' favourite holiday tradition (draw, write, add photos)

4)  Discuss in a group and present to the class (Voici la main de papa, il aime . . . ).  Video record in January and another presentation in April to document growth in oral French.



Here is another teacher's take on home & school projects.  There is a link to a parent letter in Word that can be edited.


Holiday Hands and Family Projects 







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