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Page history last edited by Shannon Wiebe 11 years, 2 months ago

My colleagues and I have started developing a new Space Unit for our Kindergarteners and I have a few items to share! I have a ten-frame booklet to accompany a discussion about stars, a booklet about numbers and space, and another about aliens and colours. I've also created a page for a class book and vocabulary cards for the unit. Enjoy!


star ten frame book.docx


les extraterrestres livret.pdf

les extraterrestres livret 2.pdf

space vocab.doc

Si j’étais un astronaute.pdf


Here is a Space-themed SMARTboard activity that was created by a colleague.


The Solar System 3.notebook


I found a ton of great ideas on Pinterest to use in class during this unit. I will be making black playdough with glitter (galaxy playdough) and providing my students with space toys at this centre. We will make constellations on black paper and I will cut out circles for making planets at the paint centre. Another centre for this unit is straw rockets and here is the website that I found them on. Please come follow me on Pinterest to see what else I found!







My colleague at another school in our division gave me permission to share two songs that she uses during her space unit.



























Other space vocabulary support materials and writing possibilities.


 space unit vocabulary word strips






All of the following documents are here.


mini space vocabulary word strips for use at "work with words"



space vocabulary images for journal writing and sorting



1)  Je colle dans mon journal.

2)  J'écris les mots.

3)  J'écris des phrases.

4)  Je dessine mes propres images.


space vocabulary images for flip book 


flip book



space vocabulary images for mini book 



mini book 

1)  Je colles quelques images.

2)  J'écris les mots, des phrases si possible.

3)  J'utilise les autres mots que je connais, les couleurs, grand, petit, loin, près.




space bingo  


les planètes, pancarte (tabloid, 11x17)

wide format printer is needed to print this to tabloid size (or submit Staples Print and Copy online for pick up)




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