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les ours - la maternelle

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février - Les ours



slide share of "Ours brun dis-moi" (entire story, words, illustrations on slide share)




"Brown Bear" "Ours Brun" book (click photo for download)

Original English source can be found here.




For this class book, students choose to write and draw about a brown bear, black bear or polar bear. Once the book is put together, I also like to graph the students' choices.les ours class book.pdf


bear vocab cards.pdfbear posters.pdf

I recently made a little take-home book to go with the bear theme. We have used a little book in the past where students put one bear sticker on the 1 page, etc. I wanted to take it up a notch and include theme vocabulary. Students will choose how many bear stickers that would like to put on each page and will write the appropriate number in the box.


Les ours.pdf
I just created a SMARTboard activity for the bear theme. I went a little overboard and there are seven pages!bear pages.notebookPolar Bear Colour Story.pdfThis is an interactive story where the storyteller magically turns a glass vase of water different colours as the story about a bear is told.  As students listen they colour their own booklet as the story indicates.  The student booklet is on the last pages of this story.


Polar Bear PaintingI tried out a very cool art project with my Kindergartens this week. It is from the site http://thatartistwoman.blogspot.com/. Students had to draw a horizon line, paint purple above and add salt. They then had to put a napkin around the bottom of a cup and put it on the purple to create a moon. They then painted blue below the line and put plastic wrap on the wet paint. Once dry, we dabbed on a polar bear with a stencil.





This week I will be doing a Jazzy Journal type activity for math. Students will need to round the corners on squares and rectangles and glue them together to create a bear. I have punched out red and blue dots for berries. Students can pick how many berries they would like to glue onto the bear's hands. They fill out a little sheets showing how many berries their bear has.
I found some great Brown Bear, Brown Bear activities on Pinterest that I have translated. Thanks so much to http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/BrowBearBrownBear.html for the great resource. I have a SMARTboard file, 3 versions of a booklet for differentiation, vocabulary cards and playdough mats created by a colleague. Enjoy!


ours brun livret.docours brun livret 2.docours brun livret 3.docxUn ours brun vocab.docxbrownbear 2.notebookJe vois un ours.pdfI also intend on doing a KWL chart with my students to see what they know about bears. I've created a few versions of a booklet to have them share their knowledge about what bears do in each season.ours en chaque saison livret.docours en chaque saison livret2.docHere are some songs about bears that you can use on your SMARTboard. The first is to the tune of Frere Jacques, the second is a poem and the last is to the tune of Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.l'ours dort.notebook 


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